Any Questions?
– Will you share my event on social media?

I do share posts on social media forums, as it helps those going through the planning process visualise different possibilities! If you have any questions on this, please do let me know.

– What kind of events are you able play at?

Just let me know what you had in mind. Weddings, Birthday Dinners, Dinner Dances, Commemorations of Life, Corporate Events…and most things in between!

– How much would it cost for you to play at my event?

Every event is unique. Many things contribute to the cost, for example the time and location…the song selection…the size of the venue. As there are so many factors, there is no set price. However, among other things, packages include a free consultation. We’ll spend time discussing what you’d like for the day and take it from there.

– Do you offer any promotions/discounts?

Yes! Your views and feedback are greatly appreciated. Receive a discount by completing a 5 minute questionnaire. See here for more details: Discounted Bookings!

– What is required to reserve a date?

The date is reserved with a non-refundable 50% deposit. The remaining balance is at least 30 days before the event. In the case that the full balance is not received by the agreed date, the reservation is cancelled. More details can be found here.

– What methods of payment do you accept?

Most methods of payment are accepted, but we can discuss this further during the consultation.

– How far in advance should a booking be made?

As soon as you can. Of course last minute bookings are possible, subject to availability, however the more time given to prepare for the special day the better.

– How far in advance should music selections be given?

The more time the better. It would be ideal if music selections were given at least a month before the event, especially if custom song selections are made. Of course this is not always possible, the best will be done to accommodate such situations.

– Do you have a list of your current repertoire?

Unfortunately not! My repertoire is constantly building, so it’s hard to document. I’ll always provide you with a sample repertoire, based on your stated preferences, but it’s always best we discuss songs on a call.

– Would you be able to play a song outside of your current repertoire?

Of course! All requests are considered, some pieces may need to be adapted in order to be more suitable for the violin, others may need extra time to prepare. As a result, there may be an additional cost. If advance notice is given, all should be fine.

– What is the minimum amount of time that can be booked?

There may be occasions where music is only wanted for a short amount of time. However, the minimum time required per booking is one hour. The reason being, it takes time to set-up, go over cues and pack up after the event. The price packages also includes travel costs.

– Can I make changes to the booking?

Once booked changes can be made according to availability. As the original date/time was reserved for you, any conflicting bookings would have been refused. For this reason there may be a charge to change your original booking.

– When will you arrive to the event?

Typically around 30 – 60 minutes prior to when it starts. This is adequate time to set up and take last minute music cues. Everything else would have been prepared in advance.

– What if my event is running late?

It is not guaranteed that I will be able to extend the booking time on the day of the event. In the cases that I can, there may be an additional charge.

– What is your dress code?

Unless otherwise requested my dress code will always be formal. If there is a specific theme just let me know, I will see what I can do.

– Will you attend any rehearsals?

Packages include a consultation and the actual performance. Attendance at the rehearsal is of course an option, but at an additional cost.

– Will you need processional cues?

This would allow the music at the event to run a lot more smoothly. If an individual of your choosing is able to arrive 30 minutes prior to the event and go through cues as to when you’d like each song played, it would make things a lot easier.

– Will my guests be able to hear without amplification?

This depends on both the size of the venue and the number of guests. For smaller, intimate venues and less people, an amplifier is not necessary. For larger events it would be. You don’t need to worry about providing this, I attend events with my own PA system.

– Are you able to perform outdoors?

Yes. However, due to its nature, the violin cannot be exposed to extreme weather conditions. In the case of any precipitation or extreme heat, adequate covering would need to be provided. If you would like me to play outside this needs to be stated in advance. Outdoor power supply would also need to be provided.